OI Tags will create your personalized Hunting Application Portfolio.

Step 1

When you’re ready to move forward with our hunt application service, we will schedule an in-depth zoom session. During this meeting, we’ll go over your wants, hunting goals, and priorities.

Step 2

From this session we will compile all of your information, and current point totals into our database. Then we’ll begin to construct your personalized application and hunting portfolio.

Step 3

Once your hunt portfolio is complete, we’ll share it with you, and apply for the hunts on your behalf. You can keep track of various point totals and hunt unit, weapon, and species information in one location at any time.

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Successful OI Tags Hunt Application Service Members

Hunt Application Service

Pricing Information

Point Portfolio Creation & Annual Review

$135.00 each year

Each State Application with Unlimited Species


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OI TAGS takes extreme measures to keep our Hunt Application Service Members’ information secure and protected at all times. Which is why we’ll only ask for your personal and credit card information through a secure and encrypted means of communication.